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Welcome to All Courts, Australia’s one-stop shop for legal services. Our main National Legal Hotline, 1300 982 621, is open seven days a week from 7 am to midnight and offers professional legal assistance when you need it most.

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Speak to a lawyer within minutes, 7 am-Midnight, 7 days a week on 1300 982 621. We specialise in urgent legal support.

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Our lawyers are carefully matched to your legal area when you call. Get specialised advice from the best.

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Our services include a wide range, including family law, compensation claims, and criminal defence.

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We provide free assessments and transparent, upfront pricing. No surprise legal bills.

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Client success stories that inspire and drive change

“I have always found All Courts to be competent, reliable and cost effective. The ability to source an agent in a small bush town away from the big cities is invaluable to my firm.”


“All Courts staff are friendly, helpful and competent. I know that any agent request will be handled efficiently and professionally.”


“One of the first things I was told at law school was ‘know your court’. Being able to appoint a good local solicitor as my agent, even on very short notice, is a great asset to my firm and my clients. There is no easier way to do this than to book the agent through All Courts Lawyers.”


“We have utilised All Courts for a variety of short notice interstate Family Law and Civil matters. We could not be more satisfied. Their system is the epitome of efficiency and cost effectiveness and the agents employed on our behalf have been excellent.”


“Rather than having to spend time ploughing through the internet to locate a suitable agent in an area I am unfamiliar with, I only need to complete an online form on the All Courts website to know that I will obtain the services of a competent local solicitor. This is a great service.”


All Courts Expert Lawyers Australia Wide FAQs

As a Product of Go To Court, Australia’s most established legal services provider, All Courts leverages a national network of experienced, specialised lawyers to help with your specific legal needs. We carefully match you with experts when you call our hotline for immediate support.

With lawyers based in cities and regional areas across every Australian state and territory, we provide consistent, quality legal advice no matter where you are located. As part of the Go To Court network, we meet national service standards while understanding local contexts.

Our lawyers have deep expertise in Criminal Law, Family Law, Civil Litigation, Traffic Offences, Immigration Law, and Compensation Claims. So we provide superior advice whether you require criminal defence, divorce support, insurance dispute resolution or traffic violation assistance.

Every legal specialty has its nuances in terms of legislation, procedural requirements, establishing proof/evidence etc. Our lawyers provide advice shaped by regularly handling similar cases in their specialty area – this expertise makes their guidance more authoritative.

When you pay our fixed fees, you get complete legal advice and follow-ups from your lawyer. This includes document drafting, negotiations, court representations and procedural guidance. Think of it as legal support with no hidden surprises down the track.

With the National Legal Hotline, you can speak to a qualified lawyer in minutes 7 days a week from 7 am-Midnight on 1300 143 385. Or book appointments to get dedicated time slots with specialists who match your needs.

Yes, your appointed lawyer can help create and review legal documents like court submissions, contracts, visa applications, statements of claim and statutory declarations after assessing your case specifics.