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Welcome to All Courts Lawyers (a product of Go To Court), previously known as TW Agency since its founding in Sydney in 1958, has revolutionised to meet the ever-growing demand for metropolitan and national agency services. Our vast network of expert legal advisers has helped shape us as the nation’s premier legal service provider. The All Courts team boasts some of the country’s most experienced legal minds who have hundreds of successful cases under their belts and work tirelessly to provide expert legal advice and represent clients ethically, efficiently, and effectively.

Our Values

About All Courts


Client-Centred Representation

At All Courts, we strive to embody client-centred representation in every aspect of our practice. Our network of top-quality lawyers is committed to understanding your unique requirements and providing personalised legal solutions to achieve your goals. We operate swiftly, transparently, and with empathy to deliver justice. 


Navigating Legal Challenges with Expertise

We specialise in helping navigate legal challenges with expertise and confidence, offering tailored services for our client’s diverse needs. Our nationwide network of seasoned lawyers is committed to excellence and comprehensive legal support. Our dedication to understanding and addressing the nuances of each case ensures trustworthy guidance and successful outcomes. 


Partners in Justice

With a nationwide team that includes some of the brightest legal experts in Australia, All Courts stands as your staunch partners in justice. We are consummately unwavering in our dedication to providing legal support to ensure the correct result gets reached. We steadfastly deliver legal excellence, morality, and personalised attention. 


Integrity, Experience, Results

Our promise to uphold integrity, provide experience, and deliver results is supported by the results we achieve. Our services are fortified by hundreds of collective years of legal experience in the relentless pursuit of excellence and yielding tangible outcomes for our clients. Our nationwide network of lawyers, trust, and proficiency helps us traverse the legal landscape precisely.